Sunday, April 11, 2010


Below you will find Barb Johnson's grade card for her job performance for the period of January - March 2010.

1. Attendance 5
2. Records on line 0
3. SSN & financial account numbers removed from hard copy case files 0
4. Collection on estimated $700.000 in outstanding court costs and fines 0
5. Address office understaffing 3
6. Microfilming closed cases 0
7. Improve customer relation skills of the staff 0
8. Have case files properly filed away 0
9. Monitoring program to keep cases from being illegally removed from the office 0
10. Send staff to continuing Ed workshops to keep them on top of ORC changes 0
11. Automated Phone System 0
12. Over all Grade 0.72 = F

Grade scale: 12=A+; 11=A; 10=A-; 9=B+; 8=B; 7=B-; 6=C+; 5=C; 4=C-
3=D+; 2=D; 1=D-; 0=F

As you can see, compared with the previous fall quarter, she has FAILED. Last quarter, her overall grade was a D-. This quarter's overall grade is also a F.

Her attendance has suffered this last quarter (went from a B+ to a C) and stayed the same in her addressing of office understaffing because she has only hired 1 person so far. She is allowed to hire 4.

And, as usual, there is nothing new in the other areas where she received "0." It just goes to show you that our "NOTHING" clerk is, for the most part, still doing "NOTHING" and getting paid by us, the tax payers for doing "NOTHING." I just wish we could get more work out of her for what we are paying her - you know, that $54,000 per year salary.

Now come on, really, would you expect anything more from our “NOTHING” clerk?

Too bad, and so sad; especially since OUR tax money is paying her to do “NOTHING” about everything.To you the voter I ask: Does this look like she is doing the job that she was elected by YOU THE VOTERS AND TAX PAYERS of Erie County to do?


  1. I give ALL the government offices in Erie County a great big F and an F- at that!

    Julie R.

  2. Why doesn't Julie's comment surprise us?

  3. Johnson may be a do-nothing clerk but I'll bet she never misused her authority in office to assist attorneys or anybody else in flat-out crimes like some of these other jokes in Erie County have done.

    Julie R.

  4. True Julie, but wasting MILLIONS of our tax money over the years because of her "Nothingness," and ineptness is just as bad as an official who misuses their authority!

  5. To the Editor:

    I really hope you read the comments I left on the story about DeWitt McDonald that pertain to the Erie County Clerk of Courts.

    Julie R.