Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Below you will find Barb Johnson's grade card for her job performance for the period of October - December 2010.

1. Attendance 0
2. Records on line 0
3. SSN & financial account numbers removed from hard copy case files 0
4. Collection on estimated $700.000 in outstanding court costs and fines 0
5. Address office understaffing 0
6. Microfilming closed cases 0
7. Improve customer relation skills of the staff 0
8. Have case files properly filed away 0
9. Monitoring program to keep cases from being illegally removed from the office 0
10. Send staff to continuing Ed workshops to keep them on top of ORC changes 0
11. Automated Phone System 0
12. Over all Grade 0 = F

Grade scale: 12=A+; 11=A; 10=A-; 9=B+; 8=B; 7=B-; 6=C+; 5=C; 4=C-
3=D+; 2=D; 1=D-; 0=F

Barb has not been in the office since mid-September (over 90 days). We have unconfirmed reports that she is out due to health reasons. State law says that she only needs to be in the office one day out of 90, so only time will tell what will happen. She has filed paper work to extend her abscense due to health reasons.

Because she has not been in the office at all over the past 3 months, she has not been able to do any work, thus resulting in "0" or "F" in all categories.

Stay tuned folks, this could get good.

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  1. She is really struggling and her record is Zero in every activity.