Friday, March 4, 2011


The following article appeared today in the Sandusky Register.

Actually, Barb has been MIA since mid September 2010. Mid September through mid February is over 140 days that she has been allowed (90 days according to state law plus the 40 day sick leave). We know about her medical condition. Unfortunately, because of the HIPPA law, we can not disclose that information.

Thanks to Andy Ouriel and the SR for a good article. Hopefully Andy and the SR will keep up the pressure on Barb to let the voters (her employers) know what her intentions are. The citizens deserve at least that from her! I firmly belive that she will never resign (for health or any other reason) because she is too embarassed to hand the office over to someone in the condition that it currently is in (and has been in for the past 20+ years).

On another note, we aren't sure what happened to her recent Quarterly Report Cards. We are looking in to that matter.

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  1. We were able to correct the technical problem and repost her last 3 quarterly report cards.