Monday, May 16, 2011


Erie County Clerk of Courts Barbara Johnson has again made the local newspaper. We'll give you 3 guesses why. Nope, it wasn't for some prestigious award. Nope, it wasn't for performing well at her duties. OK, OK, we can't wait any longer, we'll just tell you - it is AGAIN for not doing her job (and that should be of no surprise to people who read this site on a regular basis).

In the Monday, May 16 edition of the Sandusky Register, in the article "County Commissioners Sued" Johnson is criticized for not letting Commissioners and Erie County Administrator Mike Bixler know that the suit had been filed in her office. The suit is over renovations that were made to the Erie County Care Facility.

The article states:

"Yet commissioners were clueless when the lawsuit hit home.

The lawsuit was filed in the Erie County Clerk of Courts office on (Thursday) May 5. The Register put in a public records request last Monday (May 9) to see the court document.

Then - only after the Register told them about the lawsuit - did county officals know they were being sued.

'It would have been a nice courtesy to let us know,' county administrator Mike Bixler said. 'It's like everyone knows.'

The Office isn't controlled by county commissioners. Rather, the often-absent clerk of courts Barb Johnson captains the office and ultimately has the responsibility to inform the county of when it's being sued.

That's usually done by sending a letter in the mail, county officials said.

They received the notice Tuesday, a day after the Register learned of the lawsuit."

It's difficult to believe that the voters voted her in for a 6th term after she has shown her total incompetence, and lack of managerial and lack of leadership skills in the past. Hopefully the 2012 elections will be different. Hopefully the citizens of Erie County will read this site and learn just how unqualified Johnson has been for this job over the past 20-plus years. So if you are reading these articles, pass this website information on to your family and friends. It's important that they learn what their tax money is paying for in the Erie County Clerk of Courts Office.

Too bad, and so sad; especially since OUR tax money is paying her to do “NOTHING” about everything.

To you the voter I ask: Does this look like she is doing the job that she was elected by YOU THE VOTERS AND TAX PAYERS of Erie County to do?


  1. Duh.....there's people that have been working in the Clerk of Court's office for YEARS AND YEARS (a Judy comes to mind) yet they're so INCOMPETENT that they needed Mrs. Johnson there 24/7 to tell them how to do their jobs?

    You might have been able to pull the wool over the eyes of some people, Mr./and/or Ms. Moderator, but you can't pull the wool over mine!

    Julie R.

  2. Apparently Johnson did putt the wool over your eyes Julie. By saying that her staff was so incompetent that they needed Johnson there "24/7 to tell them how to do their jobs," just shows how much you know about that office.

    1) If it wasn't for her staff, that office would have been in an even greater disaster than it was.

    2) Johnson was NEVER there (in the office) 24/7. As a matter of fact, Johnson was rarely (if NEVER) in the office. Just take a look at all of her quarterly report cards.

    Obviously you have no clue how that office operated under Johnson. So get your facts straight before you post, otherwise you look really stupid.

    1. You stupid dumb retard whoever started this blog BARBARA JOHNSON IS MY GRANDMOTHER and you should be assumed of yourself for writing these horrible things about her if I knew who you were and where you are I would hunt you down and cut out every piece of organs you have and feed them to you my granny was a wonderful women and obviously she wasn't doing that bad of a job seeing as that she stayed in office formmany years you should be on here at least giving your respect you no good of a person I wish I could have seen this early I would have really given you a piece of my mind
      -GRANDDAUGHTER SHELBY Johnson - McMillan

    2. Shelby,

      I only talked to your grandmother a few times on the phone ~ meaning I did not know her personally ~ but I could tell just by those conversations that what you say is true ---- your grandmother was a wonderful person. I liked her right off the bat and I didn't even know her. I could also tell how deep her faith in God was.

      I just want to let you know that out of all the county public officials I dealt with in corrupt Erie County for a period of 10 years (and I dealt with just about ALL of the clowns) your grandmother was the ONLY honest and ethical public official in Erie County.

      My condolences on your loss and I'm very sorry that you had to read this low-down vicious blog.

      Julie R.