Monday, October 31, 2011


Erie County Clerk of Courts Barabara Johnson has died.  She was to retire on October 31, but passed away yesterday (Sunday, October 20). 

Johnson had been battling health problems for 3-4 years.  At this time, it is not known if she passed away at her home, the hospital, or a nursing home (which she had been in a year ago). 

Read the SR article here.

To read Johnson's obituary, click here.

One of the bloggers on the SR website said it best:

Sam Adams (Oct. 31, 2011 @ 2:31 PM): "Mrs. Johnson was hopelessly inept at her job long before any claims of an illness, serious or otherwise.

Her poor job performance, however, in no way suggests that she was a bad person or that her friends and family aren't grieving today. I have never pretended I'd be less than thrilled to see her leave office. I am not remotely glad, however, that she's died. Condolences to all who will miss her."


  1. I bet she will still run for office in 2012!

  2. It's a damn shame that you still continue to talk about this woman even after she's gone. I would say that I wish you would burn in hell, but hell is too good a place for slime like you.

    1. We only report the truth. If you can't handle the truth, then don't read it!

    2. How you really think "she'll probably run for office in 2012" is the TRUTH?! Stupid fool!